About ProXecutive

About ProXecutive

ProXecutive builds lasting capabilities

ProXecutive offers your company expertise within organizational development, management, and the financial services area.

We in turn are looking for companies and leaders who want to renew, change, challenge, train, simplify, reorganize and develop. We want to help you and your company to build lasting abilities so that the business can operate efficiently and profitably in the long term!

It started with the Jonsson brothers

ProXecutive was founded by brothers Lars and Thomas Jonsson in 2004. They worked as accountants at prominent international accounting firms, but felt that they didn’t really have the space to deliver what customers really needed.  With ProXecutive, they had the possibility to get closer to their customers and help them reach improved profitability with active efforts in several areas. Today, ProXecutive offers a unique combination of services within several cross-border areas.

ProXecutive is growing

ProXecutive’s services are in demand and the business is growing continuously with new customers and employees. Today there are nine expert consultants as well as an “Advisory Board” with two advisors who provide solid expertise within the three services areas Financial Reporting, Organizational Development, and Managers for Hire.