Good insight – Correct decisions!

Being in control of the situation can be critical for your company's future. ProXecutive helps you do it!

Steering correctly or taking a wrong turn?

It can be hard to know what makes a business profitable in the long run. ProXecutive knows!

Panicked and in Crisis!

Illness, reorganization or a new job. Sometimes you find yourself without your key people in place. ProXecutive gets you through it!

Think outside the box …

… and you’ll get a new perspective. This can be necessary if you are going to be in line with the times and develop your company in the right direction.

At ProXecutive, we’re in daily contact with fantastic Swedish companies who understand how to use innovation as a lever for their development. That’s why we know that with new approaches, you can replace bureaucracy, confusion and stagnation with job satisfaction, security and innovation. In order to develop, you need openness towards the world and the insight that reality is always changing.

Read about how you can use Value Innovation to develop your business and how the companies Deltaco and Mekonomen renewed part of their strategy!

From garage start-up to listed company

– Think of the tiger. When there is food, he lies still, but when it’s all gone, it’s time to move and strike – at just the right moment, says CEO and founder, Siamak Alian.

IT and distribution are dynamic branches where flexibility and timing are crucial for both development and survival.  This is something Siamak Alian knows. He is a physicist from Iran who came to Ludvika as a political refugee, went to the Swedish for Immigrants course, and started his own company in 1991. Today he is CEO for a listed company with a wide range of IT products, its own brands and has large and well-known clients such as Dustin, Altea and Teknikmagasinet.

Deltaco’s idea is to always deliver what customers want, even if they have to change the product rework routines and customize delivery terms. It is the idea of flexibility and timing and what ensures the company never stands still.

– We know that it’s not enough to deliver products. We deliver service and if the customer is happy and earns money, then he’s also ready to pay a little more.

The adaption makes great demands on employees who never know how the day is going to look when they arrive in the morning. But they stay anyway. Many have worked in the company for more than 10 years. The work environment can be chaotic. It’s about quicker decision-making and short meetings.

– Work tasks can change from hour to hour. It requires a special type of person who is always ready to adapt to help the customer earn money. The positive thing is that it is never boring. There is also a great acceptance that things can go wrong. It’s about focusing on what’s important, says Siamak Alian.

Compared with other distribution companies, Deltaco has high margins, 8-10 percent compared to the industry average of 2-3 percent net margin. Already from the start, Deltaco showed positive numbers and has continued to do so throughout the years.

– We’ve had 235 months in a row with profit. That is by far the best in the distribution industry. With us, it’s always the numbers that steer us. We never go into a business where we don’t earn money, says Siamak Alian.

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