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Being in control of the situation can be critical for your company's future. ProXecutive helps you do it!

Steering correctly or taking a wrong turn?

It can be hard to know what makes a business profitable in the long run. ProXecutive knows!

Panicked and in Crisis!

Illness, reorganization or a new job. Sometimes you find yourself without your key people in place. ProXecutive gets you through it!

Think outside the box …

… and you’ll get a new perspective. This can be necessary if you are going to be in line with the times and develop your company in the right direction.

At ProXecutive, we’re in daily contact with fantastic Swedish companies who understand how to use innovation as a lever for their development. That’s why we know that with new approaches, you can replace bureaucracy, confusion and stagnation with job satisfaction, security and innovation. In order to develop, you need openness towards the world and the insight that reality is always changing.

Read about how you can use Value Innovation to develop your business and how the companies Deltaco and Mekonomen renewed part of their strategy!

From Spare Parts to a simpler CarLife

Mekonomen started out selling a simple product. Today, they deliver solutions to satisfy new needs that arise on the market.

– It’s about being open and questioning established truths, says Marcus Larsson, vice VD of Mekonomen.

It was the two entrepreneurs Ingemar Fraim and Leif Möller who started Mekonomen under the name Bileko in 1973. Already from the start, the company was a contender with an entrepreneurial feel. Soon they expanded to become an integrated retail and wholesale chain with control over the entire flow from manufacturer to end-customer. In 2006, Axel Johnson AB became the new principal owner of Mekonomen and in 2007, Håkan Lundstedt was appointed CEO and a new strategy was developed, which became a new start for the company.

– The industry was very traditional back then. There were a lot of needs not being met. We started with a gigantic mapping of the market by interviewing customers, competitors, employees and more, says Marcus Larsson.

The workshop in Gärdet that’s open around the clock, and the launch of Mekonomen Direkt, were two of the many more results of the research. Investing in brand development, concept development, communication and unconventional TV ads were others.

– It was completely new in the industry and many have tried to copy us since then, says Marcus Larsson.

To continue developing, Mekonomen works a lot in project form. Cross-functional teams are put together to create thought processes and find new needs to fill. The latest was a project specifically aimed at women: M by Mekonomen.  Mekonomen put together a team of only women from areas including finance, category and marketing. It resulted in a new concept: a store in a shopping centre with workshops aimed at women, which was successfully tested and is now expanding to more locations.

– Working in projects strengthens the culture and glues together the organization, says Marcus Larsson.

The recession has not had a great effect on Mekonomen. They adapt their costs and put the gas on both promotions and advertising. Many customers prefer Mekonomen’s affordable profile to the traditional car brands’ expensive workshops. The next challenge for Mekonomen is to grow in 20 countries in 10 years.

– There aren’t any directly comparable concepts and we’re confident that our concept works in other markets than the just the Nordics! At the same time, we try to be humble and look around to learn something new. There are always possibilities to find good ideas and take initiative to increase the value of our offerings, says Marcus Larsson.

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