IFRS implementation at B3 Consulting Group

IFRS implementation at B3 Consulting Group


B3 Consulting Group is an expansive consulting company in IT and management. They help companies and organisations to create tomorrow’s opportunities with the help of digital transformation and business development.

At B3, you meet consultants with cutting-edge expertise, drive and the ability to lead major change projects. The strong corporate culture is characterised by customer focus, entrepreneurship, learning and the constant development of consultants.


Through a contact on the company’s board, we received an indication that the customer was in need of support within the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS). After a meeting with the company’s CFO, we received the go – ahead to support the company with conversion to IFRS from the previous regulations.

It started with a project where several of our consultants were involved in developing calculations and bridges to convert historical financial information to IFRS. In the meantime, it was decided that an IPO would be carried out. We supported in the design of reporting and to achieve the requirements set by the stock exchange.

After completed projects, we as consultants have remained as quality assurance in each quarterly reporting and have also been available for accounting technical issues.


It started with an IFRS implementation and has been a continued collaboration where ProXecutive is the natural partner in issues within the accounting area and as a quality assurer in the ongoing external reporting.

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